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We offer metal Carports, Garages, Barns, Loafing Sheds, Storage Units, Sheds, Warehouses, Workshops, RV Covers, Riding Arenas, and more. We can certify any of our Buildings for any codes in Oklahoma.  

Carports and Metal Buildings
Success in Buildings

Oklahoma Carports is the number one supplier of metal buildings across the state of Oklahoma and the surrounding states for a reason. That reason is a great product offered at an even better price.  We use the same basic materials for all of our buildings, giving us an economical advantage. Galvanized steel tubing and Pro-Rib sheet metal along with anchors, bolts, trim, and all of our optional add-on's make up the bulk of our famous metal buildings. If you order an 18x21x6 A-frame Carport, you will have the option to choose 14 gauge or 12 gauge tubing just. This choice is the same for all of our non-web truss buildings such as our garages, barns, and sheds. When we build a web truss building it is usually wider than 30' wide or has a flat roof. In the construction of web truss buildings we use both 12 and 14 gauge tubing for different areas. 
In High Demand 

In the year 2001 we began selling metal buildings in Oklahoma and they have been selling like hotcakes ever sense. With over 40 million in sales nation wide in 2011, our delivery time has increased sightly from increased demand, our quality has not. We offer 20 year rust though  warranties on all of our 12 gauge products.  In the past year we have had to start rolling our own Pro-Rib sheet metal because our suppliers just simply could not keep up. This vertical integration in the industry also allows us to keep prices down while other cost like fuel increase. 
We do it all from top to Bottom in America

Like mentioned above we now roll our own  sheet metal, but that is not the only thing we do alone. We have our own shops, right here in the US that bend, shape, and build all of the buildings we sell. When the raw tubing arrives on our trucks, the shops build both our standard products in bulk as well as make every custom building order. Our home office takes orders, processes transactions, and schedules carport deliveries. We even have our own call center right here in the United States as well, so you know you will be able to talk to someone in English about your metal building.