A-Frame Barns
Our A-Frame Barns come with Horizontal or Vertical Roofs. We highly recommend Vertical roofs on Barns because they better allow debris to run off and have increase strength. Vertical roofs also resist leaking better and require less maintainance over the years.  With a Galvanized steel building you won't have to worry about wood rot, termites, or the slow â€‹leaning of your barn over time. These are built to last.

A-Frame Barns
Vertical Roof

How we build Barns:
To build an A-frame barn, we start with the center. If you take your hand and cover the two lean to on the sides, what you see is on independent carport or garage. This middle section can easily be 10-30 feet wide. If you want it wider than that we will have to upgrade to the web trussing.
Next we add the lean to's on either side. Now if you cover the center with your hand you will see that when you put the two lean to's together you get another carport or garage. To maintain structural integrity and avoid the cost of web trussing we like to offer these sides at 10 or 12 foot widths. 
This building method creates four base-rails with supporting legs that are at standard 5' centers.
Our Carports are the core of all we do.